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people die every hour from diseases related to lack of sanitation or shortage of drinking water.

(ONU, 2014)

More than 2 billion people today do not have access to clean water (ONU News, 2019). Although the concern is global, developing countries in regions such as Africa reveal that 1 in 3 inhabitants do not have this resource, because many of the villages that are inhabited by communities are located in areas where deforestation and the shortage of rains have caused soil degradation.

In Africa 76% of people do not have access to drinking water and 72% do not have basic sanitation facilities (ONU News, 2019).

The water infrastructure do not exist and the taps inside the houses do not. The current problem is not only that they do not have clean water, but also that its inhabitants spend most of their time collecting it. Water is a source of life and a right. For them, getting it is a daily torture.

Women and children must walk up to 10 kilometers per day until they reach the nearest river or well in search of water to meet their daily needs and return carrying more than 20 kilos on their heads. This prevent them from attending schools, working or growing food for their families and in some cases, the death of pregnant women and children from diseases associated with a lack of clean water.

80% of the

diseases they

suffer are due

bad quality

of water.

(ONU, 2003)

In 2019, the African Development Bank indicated that up to $ 66 billion would be required to provide universal access to water and sanitation across Africa. But these resources are not there, and people cannot wait any longer, they need clean water today.

For this reason, this is our mission, to help change the reality in which these communities live today. Providing them with the necessary tools on the construction and maintenance of the wells with the aim of empowering them, definitively ending the cycle of poverty in which they are involved and finally achieving that they are the architects of their new life.


​Organización de las Naciones Unidas. (16 de mayo de 2014). Decenio Internacional para la Acción "El Agua Fuente de vida" 2005 - 2015.

​Noticias ONU. (18 de marzo de 2019). Más de 2000 millones de personas no tienen acceso a agua potable ni saneamiento básico.

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*Agua x Vida photo

*Agua x Vida photo

*Agua x Vida photo

*Photo by Agua x Vida

*Photo by Agua x Vida

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