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We are a non-profit association created in 2009, which seeks to provide access to clean, safe and clean water to communities in Africa, working together with and empowering them through training and collective participation in the construction of each of the wells, which allows the sustainability of the project over time.


We work looking for human resources, local experts and help from the communities to solve the lack of water that has historically existed in the most vulnerable populations and the most remote areas of Africa, providing them with education and the development of sustainable projects.


Throughout these years we have specialized in the construction of wells manually, the construction of which does not require heavy machinery, which facilitates the possibility of doing it in places that are not easily accessible. A new method of ecological drilling in which the use of pipes instead of machinery is implemented and what helps to dig wells 20 meters deep with an installation of pumps that use solar energy.


We built a training center that helps us train villagers in construction, engineering and drilling wells so that they can replicate the work we have been doing.


Currently it is the most important activity within Agua x Vida, since we consider that education is the basis of our project, so we focus on teaching them the work culture, the geological concepts so that they understand how water comes from the land and in this way they are much more committed to the work of having water in the villages; understanding the process, being part and taking care about what is their own.


Thanks for the help of our volunteers and donors, we have managed to transform the reality of various communities, and in turn, they have changed ours. Much remains to be done yet, but we know that there are plenty of hands ready to bring a little hope for the future of hundreds of people who need our help today.



Starting in 2019, due to the help received, Agua x Vida obtained a drilling machine to build deeper wells that brings clean water closer to the villages, due to a simple isolation system that blocks leaks that are highly polluting.

Currently, we are training in different techniques that allow us to implement water extraction through the solar system.

Proceso construcción

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  • Why do we help in Africa?
    We know the difficulties of our country and we know that there is also much to do. However, we are aware that there are other realities that have extreme needs and that are often forgotten because they are considered distant. We decided to work in countries of extreme poverty where water scarcity has become a real crisis. Solidarity and the desire to help doesn´t knows flags or borders. To understand more, we invite you to learn about the challenges of living without water in Africa.
  • How do I donate?
    At Agua x Vida we offer different ways for you to help change the lives of many families. You can do it through credit card, bank transfer or international platform. Enter Ways to Donate to follow the steps.
  • What requirements are needed to be a volunteer?
    To be part of our team of volunteers and help us raise awareness of the water crisis, we invite you to learn about the requirements and complete the registration form.



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